Encounters Series at CAYACC Pastor Payton is continuing his enriching saga of extended, directed ministry through his most recent component, the Encounters Series. This series is designed to dissect how common it can be to become careless with our relationships with God, and how to set out on a fresh encounter with God.
“Encounters of the God kind, indite us, interrupt us, instruct us and impart unto us,” says Pastor Payton. “The goal of this series is that we would individually and collectively experience a life-transforming divine encounter with God, that rekindles our passion for the person of God, the promises of God, and the power of God.”
Throughout this three-week installment ministry will be focused on anticipating, and depending on the promises of God to experience the power of God working on our behalf for His glory. Guidance for this series will use scriptures from both Exodus, and Genesis, highlighting the person, the power, and the promises of God.For more information on the Encounters series, series from previous weeks, and other CAYACC updates, visit, and follow @CAYACC on social media.

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