Gifted For More Series
Ft. Wayne, Indiana – March 2022 – Pastor Anthony Payton is leading a series of weeks of directed ministry with the goal of identifying the power that lies within one’s natural and spiritual gifts. In the “Gifted For More” series, Pastor Payton teaches participants how to begin to actualize their God-given talents, and use them for greatness.
The series features an impactful outlook with a reminder that many of us are settling for less than we are gifted for. “We must understand the origin, function, purpose, diversity and power of the gifts God has given the church,” says Pastor Payton. “It is the only means by which we will turn debutantes into fully devoted followers of Christ, love God by serving others, and usher in the revival that this country is so desperately in need of.”
Working as a journey of discovery, the series is aimed at guiding churchgoers and followers of the ministry to use those gifts to be good stewards of God’s grace.
CAYACC members and anyone who is interested in the Gifted For More series can find the digital companion for the ministry on the CAYACC website. The conversation will continue for more weeks to come, highlighting pivotal ways to ensure that you are using your gifts and talents for more. For updates on this series, visit the church’s Facebook page and follow us, using @CAYACC.

Contact: Come As You Are Community Church 
7910 S. Anthony Blvd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46816 
Phone: (260) 447-6036 


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